Hello Brave New World!

We here at Solan | Alzamora are moving beyond our family law blog at www.va-familylaw.com and bankruptcy blog at www.va-bk.com to the wonderful world of criminal and traffic law blogging here at www.va-criminallaw.com.  We, as always, aim to blow your hair back with our insight, wit and wisdom.

Let’s do this!  Once again!

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Nicholas Solan

About Nicholas Solan

Nicholas Jon Solan is a founding partner of Solan Alzamora, PLLC in Fairfax, Virginia. He specializes in family law and criminal/traffic law, including but not limited to charges for speeding, reckless driving, improper driving, driving on a suspended license, DUI/DWI, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, assault and battery, and eluding the police. He can be reached at (703) 359-0088 or nsolan@SAlawfirm.com or www.SAlawfirm.com.